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RESTORA-HOME is a fully insured Residential Protection Plan that will Repair or Replace specified appliances and home systems. These are available in 6 month and 12 month terms.

Better for your client!

  • No Age Restrictions
  • No Pre-Inspections Required
  • Added Protection of a National Underwriter
  • Toll Free 24/7/365 Emergency Service

Better for you!

  • Sell Faster & for More Money
  • Reduce Callbacks
  • Free Profile on the Real Estate Channel
  • Increase in your Market Exposure
  • Customized Marketing Materials
  • Peace of mind for both you & your client


A family celebrating the sale of their home.

How to sign up:

  1. Sign up at Restora Link. Don’t forget to upload your business card file.
  2. We will automatically send your profile to the Real Estate channel and courier you the brochures and a quick reference card.
  3. Once you receive your marketing materials you will need to include RESTORA in your advertising, fill out a coverage request form manually or online, pay for it when the deal is closed and we will automatically eMail the client the insurances contract wording.

You can quote, track, manage and pay for the insurance at Restora Link. We are happy to assist you as needed.